Chris Did This | James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band
Chris Reilly - Freelance Branding, Graphic designer, Art direction, Website designer, Exhibition & Signage designer in Glasgow, Scotland
Freelance brand consultant, freelance graphic designer, freelance art direction, freelance website designer, freelance signage designer
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James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band — The Tower

You decide

I took the photography in a secret location, and no explanation is given as to what is on the front, there is a clearly defined concept behind the image but the idea is for people to listen to the music and make their own mind up.


Part of the brief was to make the album look like it could have been made in the 70’s this is reflected in the typography used and the size of the type on the back, to make it look like what used to happen when artwork for a vinyl album was scaled down to CD size.

JE smaller pics 1
JE smaller pics 2