Chris Did This | Jobs & Business Glasgow — Brand development and various projects
A selection of work completed for Jobs & Business Glasgow including: Brand development, Art direction, Brand Guidelines, Campaigns
Brand development, Art direction, Brand Guidelines, Campaigns
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Jobs & Business Glasgow — Brand development / various

Making a difference

After Glasgow Regeneration Agency and other local development agencies were rebranded under the title Jobs & Business Glasgow I was commissioned to bring the brand to life. This involved creating a brand style, guidelines and a huge range of printed materials, exhibition designs, website design (in a separate project in this site) motion graphics and stage design for awards.


Jobs & Business Glasgow help people into work, start businesses, employ staff and much more. The target audience ranges from people who have never worked to people who once held senior positions in international organisations, and everything in between. The design and language used are a reflection of this diversity.


The main graphic element is an expanded section of the logo, which can be used to contain images, as an overlay or just as a simple container of text. In addition to this there are infographics, illustrations and commissioned photography.

JBG various smaller pics 1
JBG various smaller pics 2
JBG various smaller pics 3