Chris Did This | RSNO Sub Branding
Chris Reilly - Freelance Branding, Graphic designer, Art direction, Website designer, Exhibition & Signage designer in Glasgow, Scotland
Freelance brand consultant, freelance graphic designer, freelance art direction, freelance website designer, freelance signage designer
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RSNO — Sub branding

Hey U!

A flexible sub brand for youth engagement,  for certain age groups tickets are available for free or a reduced price to see the amazing RSNO in action.


All built around U meaning ‘under’ there are graphic marks, extended graphic marks and colour variants. The main U shape is designed to reflect musical notation.


There is also the extended use of words beginning with the letter U to create branded items with personality.

RSNO smaller pics 1
RSNO full width images 2
RSNO full width images 3
RSNO full width images 5
RSNO smaller pics 2
RSNO smaller pics 3
RSNO smaller pics 4
RSNO smaller pics 5