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Chris Reilly - Freelance Branding, Graphic designer, Art direction, Website designer, Exhibition & Signage designer in Glasgow, Scotland
Freelance brand consultant, freelance graphic designer, freelance art direction, freelance website designer, freelance signage designer
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Wolstenholme — Direct Mail posters

Endless visual possibilities

A direct mail campaign to promote and demonstrate MetalFX metallic ink technology. This technology is based on printing a base metallic and overprinting 4 colours – effectively providing an unlimited palette of metallic colours from a 5 or 6 colour print job.


The creative approach consists of 3 A2 double sided posters sent out one by one featuring kaleidoscopic, metallic imagery. When all three posters have been received they combine to create one continuous frieze. The theme for the images was the evolution of communication equipment from an old radio, to a ghettoblaster to an ipod, the kaleidoscopic effect was used to suggest endless visual possibilities with a small number of elements.


The posters were sent to a select number of agencies in the UK and around the Chicago area in the USA, leading to a high demand for samples and MetalFX swatch books.

Wolstenholme 2
Wolstenholme 3
Wolstenholme 4