Chris Did This | What I do
Chris Reilly - Freelance Branding, Graphic designer, Art direction, Website designer, Exhibition & Signage designer in Glasgow, Scotland
Freelance brand consultant, freelance graphic designer, freelance art direction, freelance website designer, freelance signage designer
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What I do


I help people and organisations achieve their objectives, by listening, researching, gaining insight and, only then, producing work:


work that has the objectives clearly in mind, is visually impactful and hits the target.


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Branding and brand development


I have extensive experience in creating and developing brands, from designing logos and guidelines to art direction of photography, copywriting and illustration.


My remit/brief can involve naming and creating a brand from scratch or rebranding and improving positioning, overall look and feel and tone of voice.

Design for print


Designing everything from brochures, catalogues, adverts, posters, flyers… anything you can hold in your hands.


Despite online communication being dominant, there is still a place for print design and, even now, some companies are returning to the use of direct mail.


Creating striking printed materials can leave a lasting impression about you with your target audience.

Art direction


To be truly distinctive it’s best to have your own unique brand assets. Most commonly I art-direct photography, but have also commissioned illustration, video, animations, 3D renders and copywriting.


Being able to create exactly what you want, rather than using what already exists, allows you to really stand out from the crowd.

Website design and architecture


Creating or improving and revitalising your online presence.


Creating the perfect marriage of the visual and the functional to achieve your organisational objectives. Ensuring your website conveys your brand values and offers a logical and enjoyable experience for users.


Your brand can also be promoted on other online platforms such as social media and web advertising.

Exhibition, signage and environment


Taking your brand and making a big impact, designing for events, exhibitions and styling the interior and exterior of your premises.


This can be anything from pop-up stands to bespoke, custom-built exhibition stands, visitor experiences, office wayfinding and retail spaces.



Giving your product impact on the shelf, in store and in a consumer’s hands.


In a highly competitive environment your packaging has to have maximum impact and very quickly convey the qualities of the product.